Loose Art Gift Prints

(Textured Matte or Smooth Velvet prints with straight or torn edges/ with or without white border)

Loose art prints:

8" x 10" - 70€

8" x 12" - 75€

10" x 12" -80€ -(shipping is extra 15€)

12" x 16" - 85€ - (shipping is extra 15€)

12" x 18" - 90€ - (shipping is extra 15€)

16" x 20" - 95€ - (shipping is extra 15€)

Custom sizes available - just ask

Multi Packs - (shipping is extra 15€):

10 photos in 4"x6" - 70€

10 photos in 5"x7" - 80€

10 photos in 6"x8" - 100€

10 photos in 8" x 10" - 150€

10 photos in 8" x 12" - 170€

Shipping will be extra depending on the amount of prints and other products you order (from €6 to €15 for large sizes).

Handmade wooden frames with your print (Woodland/ Coastal white/Scandi )


16" x 20" no mat - 150€ (shipping is extra 15€) - example of twins photo frame in my studio

20" x 24" no mat - 200€ (shipping is extra 15€) - example with mama holding baby in my studio

16x16 no mat - 150€ (shipping is extra 15€) - example of macro shot frame in my studio

The print can be no mat, flat or "floating" which will create an artistic shadow (extra 10€ will apply for the flat and extra 15€ for the "floating" print as an example in my studio - twins photo)

Wood Molding:

Your frame will be handmade using the exclusive solid wood FSC certified molding.

It is 18mm wide, the depth is 44mm.


Your chosen Farmhouse Frame is hand finished using Eco Woodland Stain.

Mat Board:

This Natural White Mat Board is Acid and Lignin Free which means it won’t discolour in the years ahead.

Handmade gorgeous canvas rings


Your images will be printed on a Premium Canvas using Genuine Epson Ultra Chrome HD Pigment Inks.

This specially selected Canvas has a Matte finish and will also have two layers of a high grade non-toxic UV and water resistant coating added in the custom spray booth.


Solid Beech wood which is finished with a premium Bees Wax, it has a depth of 10mm.

 (Shipping is extra 15€)


Collection 1 (3 rings) - 170€

Collection 2 (5 rings) - 200€

Single canvas rings available upon request in the sizes 4"/6"/8"/10"/12"

Collection 1

Collection 2

Stunning photo block collections

Your images will be printed on a heavy weight Tough Pearl Paper using Genuine Epson Ultra Chrome HD Pigment Inks.

The prints are then permanently bonded to handcrafted 12mm furniture grade Birch-wood.

Each product is made to mount securely on a wall using a machined keyhole groove in the back.

 (Shipping is extra 20€)


Collection 1 (3 x 30x40cm) - 240€

Collection 2 (2 x 30x40cm & 1x 40x60cm ) - 260€

Collection 3 (5 blocks of different sizes - check samples below ) - 285€

NEW! - Gorgeous Trio Block Collection - Can be personalised (your text, your names etc)

 (Shipping is extra 15€)

The Trio Block will have Three of your images printed on our heavy weight Tough Pearl Paper using Genuine Epson Ultra Chrome HD Pigment Inks.

When the print is ready it is then permanently bonded to the handcrafted FSC certified 12mm furniture grade Birch-wood.

The Top Block can have your text, any sentence, your names etc.

Each product is made to hang from the attached Rustic Twine.

The Top Block is 10x20CM

The Middle Block is 15x20CM

The Bottom Block is 15x20CM

Price: 120€ plus 15€ shipping